Administrator Certification Maintenance (Winter ’19)


Administrator Certification Maintenance (Winter ’19)

  • On which object can users assign a new owner to multiple records at one time from a Lightning Experience list view? ANS: Lead
  • How can a user place the cursor in the list view search field without navigating to it with the tab button or the cursor? ANS:
    Keyboard shortcut g+f
  • Which Forecast Type should the System Administrator configure to make territory forecasts available to the sales team?ANS:
    Opportunity Revenue by Territory
  • How many decimal places can the user choose to display when creating a dashboard component?ANS:
    Up to 5
  • What will display in the search results when a user uses the quick search on the reports tab?ANS:
    The reports or folders displayed are based on what is selected on the side menu
  • What has to be enabled to allow users to save Chatter posts before they appear in the feed?ANS: Allow draft posts.
  • How can a standard user adjust the page layout to display more fields in the same amount of space?ANS: Change the density from comfy to compact.
  • The customer community manager wants to gamify the community by recognizing members’ specific accomplishments. What can the System Administrator configure to accomplish this goal?ANS:Recognition Badges

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