Introduction to salesforce survey(spring 18)


Introduction to salesforce survey(spring 18)

salesforce survey(spring 18)

  • 1.its available in spring 18
  • 2.Component available for community builder
  • Let’s create a survey for creating the survey you need to enabled survey

    setup–>Survey–>survey setting–>Enabled

    After the Enabled survey, you need to visit all tab its showing survey Tab.

    After clicking the survey tab you need to click New survey

    survey–>New Survey

    it redirects to survey builder

    You need to give survey name and put all the question then your thank you page.

    After creating all the steps you need to active same then on the top, there is link send button its help you send the URL .

    Here my result
    Beer Survey(surveyName=beer_drinking_survey)

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